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Tekkz's Clan application


New member
Username: Tekkz

In-Game Name: saucy_lightning1 (contemplating name change To Tekkz)

Age: 19

Location: Virginia

Games: Battlefield 4, Call of duty, dead by daylight, For honor, etc etc.

Any Prior Cheat Convictions?: N/A

Previous Clans: N/A

Reason You Want to Join?: I've been gaming solo or with friends for...basically my whole gaming career. Im looking to find a group or a team to develop with and grow and get better with. I also really like the people of RS and would love to be apart of it. (It's like 2 am for me and im running out of steam right now. This is the best your gonna get out of me lmao.)

Do you have discord?: Tekkz#0420

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