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Most people just call me Cat because it's easy to call out in combat. It's nice to meet you guys. Been looking for a good clan to join up ever since I got back. It's been pretty fun just hanging around and as of the 11th I've been on the discord for three days or so. Lot of good people hanging around with good music taste. I normally jump in the AA to hang around the map, go in hard with a shotgun and get blasted or just kind of fuck around here and there with various classes. Most of the time I'll be playing CMDR and relaying information in chat.

I tend to type out a lot when I'm CMDR [mostly call outs] to save people from having to press M and look around the map. Tank locations, enemy movements and the like. I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of you whether in combat or as your makeshift bottom-tier commander.

I'm on late night when most people are asleep, early morning and sometimes afternoon-evening.

Nice to meet you guys again and to end this bland introduction - I got a question.

What's better - Gin or Brandy?



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Thanks for joining the Forums.

I am a bartender myself and my favorite spirit is Gin. So many types and botanical combinations that you can play around with. My fav is London Dry, I do like the Juniper-forward flavors. I don't drink a lot of brandy per se but I can definitely appreciate it. I actually did have some LOIS XIII a couple weeks ago and that is unreal and delicious. I've made some dessert-y brandy cocktails in the past and it's fun to play around with that.

See you in the battlefield!


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You got good taste. I've been experimenting more with coconut rum lately than anything else. Being able to get that coconut flavor for free while still maintaining that pineapple/orange juice taste is quite a welcoming flavor. See you out there buddy.

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