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Username: Stryfe

In-Game Name: TheStryfe-84

Age: 37

Location: South Carolina

Games: All BF minus 1/5, Almost all COD minus newest, Tarkov, R6 siege(comp), Dayz....long list

Any Prior Cheat Convictions?: Hell naw

Previous Clans: Some R6 communities, and ran Mod warfare Squadron for a clan for a while

Reason You Want to Join?: I'm a gamer, have been since 007 Goldeneye, But after about 3000 hours of tarkov solo I decided i needed to have actual human conversation again, The new BF is coming out and I want to find a squad to reek havoc with. I am a recon guy through and through but I can do anything...I can fly decently, I can do any vehicle on BF but I'm not the greatest with the jets. I can hold over watch like no other though, I have good games, i have bad but I commonly drop 40+ with a sniper(no flir) long range or CQB in the city maps...I just want friends who talk when I short. I live in chuck town, duty military and like all things tactical, all ware games minus old timey stuff, i dont get down with a gatling gun :(

Do you have discord?: Stryfe#0322

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