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Petition to remove Gulf of Oman Conquest from rotation.

Gulf of Oman is the worst map in BF4, as the advantage is heavily weighted to the land team since the sea based team isn't allowed secured armor. The attack boats are worthless, since you can't see anything inland for most of the match. Every match is the same. The land based team controls all or most of the flags and has all the armor. When you try to spawn into armor if you're able to cap a flag, it has already been damaged by camping armor or rpg'ers. It's a good map design and could be fun if the sea based team had a couple tanks that would spawn in a landing ship like Kharge Island. It's really not a fun map to play on either side.

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Petition to wa wa waaaaaaaa 😭 Just kidding Pckpck!! I too agree with your perspective and yet, for whatever reason, i still like the map. I'm weird tho ( you don't have to agree with me here )


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All maps are staying in rotation. I want us to be one of the few servers that truly has all maps.

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