Hey everyone!


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Hey ya'll, I'll hopping in to say hi and introduce myself officially - I know I've played BF4 with a bunch of you.

Name: Matt
Age: 34
Location: Connecticut
Married w/1 kid and 1 in the oven currently (hers not mine :cool: )
I run a computer/tech business (www.facebook.com/cttechexpress), I mine ethereum in my basement, I'm into all kinds of technology stuff, sports cars, and blowing people up with TV missiles when I have an hour or two free.

I have played BF4 and COD games basically forever and ran Ground Zer0 Gaming (Gz0) which at one time had close to 150 members - sadly in the last 5 years or so due to my other obligations, people moving on to different games etc. the clan has pretty much disbanded but lots of great guys.

Anyways those are the basics, thanks for having me.

My son Jacob and I:

My Kia Stinger:

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i never forgot about my AGGIE!!!
im prolly the happiest one here that you have joined another awesome group of players.
we gotta get DEZZ in too. i have reached out to him thru origin.

your friend,
chris - Friedshrimp

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my words dont mean shit mr aggie. if i had a voice they would listen.


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