An outline of what your donations go towards. We believe in transparency.
Our servers, our forums, and other services are sadly not free.
The only thing that is, is the server administration, and the lovely plugins we use to bring you a great experience.
Below is an outline of what everything costs so you know what your donating towards.
  • Forums
  • Domain: $18.99(USD)(Yearly)
  • Website Hosting: $19.99(USD)(Monthly)
  • Battlefield 4 Server #1
  • $1,200(USD)(1 Year)
  • This is for 68 slots(64 Players)(2 Spectators)(2 Commanders)
  • Total Cost: $1,239.98(USD)
  • There are other costs associated that will be added to this list soon.
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    Apr 26, 2021
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Rogue Soldiers 2042 & BF4

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