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Rogue Soldiers 2042 & BF4

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Rogue Soldiers [RS] clan used to be USAA Clan, before a hostile takeover was attempted by some of the admin team.

They made claims of "badmining" being the reason, but every issue they brought up was either proven false, or proven to have never been discussed with the people they were accusing.

The admins of Rogue Soldiers and the admins of USAA had a meeting to discuss splitting USAA, and how this would affect the platoons and servers.

There were mutual agreements that Rogue Soldiers would be allowed to post links to our Discord and Battlelog platoon in the USAA Discord so that platoon members could decide which of the two platoons they wished to stay with.

The following day Rogue Soldiers attempted to hold every aspect of the deal agreed upon, but the USAA admins did as they always do and changed the agreement.

When we attempted to post the things agreed upon they were instantly deleted.

We are now under attack from the USAA admins with bogus claims to get their previous donations back. They have not even asked us about refunds, but they started fraud claims with PayPal.

Since Rogue Soldiers is not trying to be the petty ones in this situation we have refunded all donations that a "claim" has been made for. These donations could probably be disputed, but Rogue Soldiers would prefer to make things happen the easy way. We wish we could say the same about USAA.

In the end though the owner of Rogue Soldiers, JesseUCAVedYou will be paying for the server. When we ask for your donations it's not because they are necessarily needed. It's because we've always been about the community and wanted to give you guys a way to be involved.

Between previous server costs, plugin costs, and more most of our donations were used up. With these refunds happening we have actually went negative and Jesse has been paying out of pocket to refund these people (we lost approximately $500 so far in refunds).

Donating does have its perks though!

Donating to our platoon gets you VIP status on our Battlefield 4 server.
What does VIP get you?
-No waiting in queue.
-Immune from autobalance.
-No kick for ping.
-Votemap votes are worth 3 instead of 1.
-And more!

What is the preferred cost of VIP?
$10 a month or $100 for a year.
You may donate any amount you wish though, and we will give you VIP accordingly.

If you do donate though make sure that we have your in game name exactly how it is. It is case sensitive.

Thank you guys for your support.

Rogue Soldiers 2042 & BF4

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